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Bộ Amply Digisynthetic TK250B cao cấp

Bộ Amply Digisynthetic TK250B cao cấp

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Giá niêm yết: Call

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Mua ngay

· Use 24-bit high performance DSP and AD/DA 48KHz sampling multichannel karaoke amplifier .
· Extremely low noise floor .
· High performance professional effects(Reverb , Echo , Reverb + Echo)
· 5levels Feedback Eliminator . 14 grades pitch-shifter of music .
· Music with HPF/LPF and 5bands PEQ . Subwoofer with 3 bands PEQ . Center with 3 bands PEQ.
· 5 Groups Audio/Video auto priority input function(BGM) .
· Specially added MIC to center channel makes the vocal more prominent.
· Digital adjustable parameter , easy to operate .
· Support infrared remote control for VOD computer interface .
· RS232 computer real-time control , all parameter could be adjustable.
Karaoke King 2
Karaoke Crow
Karaoke Đất Quảng
Karaoke Hiền My
Karaoke Hot Boy
Karaoke Hồng Nhung
Karaoke Bảo Trân
Karaoke Diệu Hiền
Karaoke King
Karaoke Idol
Karaoke Chiến Hữu
Karaoke Dạ Thảo Club
Karaoke Mười Vàng
Karaoke X8 KTV
Karaoke Paradise Tam Kỳ
Như Minh Plaza